Reviewing Wil Myers’ First Day as a Tampa Bay Ray

By David Hill

It has finally come and gone – Wil Myers had his first day as a major league player, appearing in both ends of a double header against the Red Sox yesterday. With the level of anticipation and the way Myers had performed over the past month for the Durham Bulls, it seemed as though nothing short of a Ruthian outburst would be sufficient to mark his debut.

Unfortunately, he was unable to live up to those expectations. In his first game, he was 0-4 with a strikeout. The expected nerves were evident, as he flew out harmlessly in his other three at bats, seemingly attempting to elevate the ball in an attempt to hit home runs, as opposed to using the entire field. Not exactly a great debut, but it was not a disaster either.

Myers appeared calmer in his second game, and it showed in his first at bat. He got a high changeup that he lined to left in the second inning, but ended up stranded on second when the third out was recorded. He again struck out and hit a fly ball to center, going 1-3 in the game, but he did get his first hit out of the way.

This may not have been the debut a lot of Rays fans were hoping for, but it was a good place for Myers to start. Once he got that first game out of the way, he appeared more comfortable, and getting that first hit can only help his confidence going forward. The strikeouts may still be a concern, especially given his strikeout rates at AAA over the past year and a half, but it appears as though he has a bright future ahead of him.

One day does not a season, or career, make. But for Wil Myers, it may end up being a nice step towards the type of production we all hope he has for the rest of the season, and throughout his career.