Reid Brignac and the Life of a Fringe Major Leaguer


The life of a fringe major league player is likely one filled with turmoil. You can go from starting to being back on the bus to AAA within hours. You could be released at a moment’s notice, left in baseball limbo, not knowing if or when you would be getting another chance.

That is where former Rays top prospect Reid Brignac finds himself now. Just a day after starting at shortstop for the New York Yankees against his former teammates, he was designated for assignment. Brignac did nothing to help his cause to remain with the Yankees, as he hit an abysmal .114/.133/.136, striking out 17 times in 44 at bats.

Brignac has now been let go three times this year, first by the Rays, who ended up sending him to the Rockies for cash or the infamous player to be named later. The Rockies let him go, and he was purchased by the Yankees. Now, for the third time in three months, Brignac finds himself back in the realm of uncertainty.

It is possible that he finds himself with yet another chance to play in the majors on a team desperate for middle infield help. However, Brignac has simply not done anything in his major league career to show that he can be more than minor league depth, someone that a team may call up for a week or so if a starter is hurt to provide a bench option. At best, Brignac may end up being the 25th man on a major league bench, playing a couple of times a week, but not expected to do much.

Reid Brignac may get another chance or two due to his status as a former top prospect, but those days are fading fast. At this point, it is far more likely that Brignac remains as a fringe major league player than someone that can turn their career around.