Rays Roundup: Evan Longoria Feels Healthy Enough to Play If Selected to All-Star Game

By David Hill

As the most likely member of the Rays to get the nod as an All-Star selection, seeing Evan Longoria take the field during the Mid-Summer Classic would be one of the highlights for any Rays fan watching the game. However, Longoria has been dealing with plantar fasciitis, which had caused him to miss a few games at the end of last week, putting his possible participation in jeopardy. Yet, his foot may be healthy enough for him to play if selected. By the sound of things, manager Joe Maddon is hoping to see him playing at Citi Field as well.

"“If his foot is good over the next 10 days, please play,” Maddon said. “If it needs a rest, we’ll say he needs a rest at that point but right now, I would say he’ll be able to play. If they want his bat, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”"

A lot can change in the next week, and even a slight misstep could endanger Longoria’s participation if selected. However, as it stands, Longoria seems to be healthy enough to make an appearance.

When one thinks of Chris Gimenez, typically he is thought of as a catcher. Yet, in his career, Gimenez has also made appearances at first base and in the outfield, predominantly at left. With the Durham Bulls, Gimenez has mainly been a catcher, but has bounced around the diamond at the corner infield and outfield spots. Plays such as this one last night may lead to more playing time for Gimenez in the outfield. That versatility could end up paying off down the line, as he looks to get back to the majors.