Rays Could Benefit From BioGenesis Suspensions

By David Hill

Since news of the BioGenesis scandal broke, the baseball world has been waiting to see how everything would play out. A partial list of names came out, with Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun headlining the collection. Rumors of possible suspensions to everyone named have been swirling for some time, and now, it appears as though Major League Baseball is getting ready to drop the hammer of Baseball Justice firmly upon the heads of those who defiled the sanctity of the game. Or, at least, as firmly as the 78 year old commissioner is capable of.

Looking at the list of players that are potentially going to be swept up in the latest quest to rid baseball of any possible cheating (keep in mind that Gaylord Perry – he who wrote “The Spitter and Me” while playing – is a Hall of Fame pitcher and was celebrated for cheating), the Rays could reap the benefits. Teams that the Rays are in contention with for one of the Wild Card spots could be weakened, as Nelson Cruz, Bartolo Colon, A-Rod and Jhonny Peralta could all be facing suspensions.

Since the beginning of 2012, the Rays have felt the wrath of baseball’s drug testing policy. Nine different minor leaguers had been suspended for failing various tests, and it may have been fair to wonder if there was a problem in in the minor leagues in general. In fact, the very first player suspended for failing a PED test, Alex Sanchez, was a member of the Rays at the time.

Now, it seems as though the Rays could end up benefiting from the BioGenesis scandal. Due to baseball’s desire to clean up the game, not failing a drug test would not absolve any of these players, should the Commissioner’s Office get it’s way. Naturally, the Player’s Union is likely to fight any punishment that would be handed down, yet that may only delay what appears to be inevitable.

Losing All-Star caliber players for any length of time certainly hurts, as the Rays know all too way from last season. Having four different teams that the Rays could be fighting with for a playoff spot lose that type of player can only help their chances of playing in October.