The Rays at the Trade Deadline

By David Egbert

Last year the Rays were actually buyers at the trade deadline. The only problem was that the shopped at the Family Dollar store of baseball. How many AAAA baseball players named Brooks Conrad came and went as the team tried to find a replacement for Longoria. They finally settled on Ryan Roberts and we all know how that turned out.

This year I think the team could be both buyers and sellers. Follow my logic.


ROBERTO HERNANDEZ: I’m no fan of Hernandez but that is not the reason he is on my list. It’s about Chris Archer.  Assuming Alex Cobb comes back by the end of July, how are you going to sent Archer to Durham? Even if it takes a little longer more big league time for Cobb, Jake Odorizzi is not a bad thing. Save $1.5 million and get a decent prospect for Hernandez. You have to do it!

RYAN ROBERTS: They never should have tendered him in the first place. He’s making $3 million as a minor league player. That does not fit the Rays business model. Trade him for a marginal prospect and a case of sunflower seeds.


This is a wild play. Send Luke Scott and a prospect to the Mariners for Kendrys Morales. I know Scott is hot but he can turn cold in the next minute. Morales is steady with hits and rbis. The Mariners save a $1million and get a mid level prospect. The Rays get a steady performer. Win-win.

I would say that the Hernadez deal should be a sure thing.  Roberts who knows. Morales is a gamble that is beyond my pay grade.