Could Today Be The Start for Jeremy Hellickson?

By Robbie Knopf

The ERAs didn’t fool us–Jeremy Hellickson is not a great pitcher. He may have posted a 2.95 ERA in 2011 and a 3.10 ERA in 2012, but Hellickson could not go deep into games and still had plenty of work to do if he wanted to be a number two starter in the big leagues, let alone an ace. We never thought, though, that he would come apart like this. On the season, Hellickson has a 5.01 ERA, and in his last five starts, he has completed five innings just once. When he will break out of this slump?

In his last five starts, Jeremy Hellickson’s command just hasn’t been there. It is downright crazy comparing his groundball to flyball ratios and line drive rates between the season as a whole in his last five starts.

For five starts, Jeremy Hellickson has not commanded any of his pitches. He has left his offerings up in the zone, leading to hard contact and reducing his ability to beat hitters on any consistent basis. But every pitcher has stretches where his location goes. From game to game, there’s a randomness factor: sometimes pitchers have command and sometimes they don’t. There’s also a psychological factor- if you fail enough times, you head to the mound every time scared it will happen again. However, for a pitcher as good as Jeremy Hellickson, no matter how long he loses it for, he will always get it back. Maybe this will be the start and maybe it won’t be. But before we know it, Jeremy Hellickson will be back.