Nothing to See With the Rays’ Latest Moves

By David Hill

Given the recent acquisitions of Wesley Wright and David DeJesus, it would seem as though the last thing the Rays would do would be to expose those players to waivers once again. And yet, that exact scenario took place yesterday, as both Wright and DeJesus were placed on revocable trade waivers, according to Ken Rosenthal.

On the surface, it certainly would not make sense for the Rays to put two players on waivers that they just acquired. It makes even less sense when both players are under team control, as Wright will not be eligible for free agency until 2016, and DeJesus has a $6.5Million team option should the Rays want to bring him back. However, these were just procedural moves, as the Rays were in the process of putting all their players through.

Wright and DeJesus are quite unlikely to be going anywhere, unless another team gives the Rays far more than they could anticipate for either player. Both Wright and DeJesus have the possibility to be important parts for a possible playoff run for the Rays, and be a part of next year’s team as well. At what should be an affordable rate for their services, it just does not seem likely that the Rays would allow either to go anywhere.

The same logic applies with the Rays decision to send Jeremy Hellickson to the minors. While it may seem odd that Hellickson was sent to the Charlotte Stone Crabs, there is really a simple reason for that – players sent to the minors must be down for ten days before they can be recalled, unless the season ends before then. With the Bulls heading to the International League playoffs, Hellickson would need to be down for longer than he would on another team. Since the Stone Crabs season ends before the Montgomery Biscuits (September 1st to September 2nd), Hellickson is able to come back a day earlier than he would have been able to if sent to Montgomery.

At first glance, seeing that Hellickson was sent to Charlotte is quite the shock. However, once all the different layers to the decision are broken down, the move becomes roughly the same as the Rays putting DeJesus and Wright on waivers – procedural moves that do not mean anything. Hellickson can get his rest, and the Rays can get him back and ready a day earlier than they would have if they sent him to Montgomery, and a few days earlier than if he went to Durham.

The moves with Wesley Wright, David DeJesus and Jeremy Hellickson are likely to ultimately mean nothing. All three are likely to be a part of the Rays push for the postseason this year, and may end up being integral parts of the 2014 squad as well.