A Light at the End of the Tunnel for Wil Myers

By Robbie Knopf

After watching him in the major leagues for the last two-and-a-half months, you will not find anyone who will say that Wil Myers does not have the physical capabilies to be a superstar in the major leagues. That doesn’t mean, though, that they believe he actually will be. Since arriving in the major leagues, Myers has certainly had his peaks and valleys. He had a .793 OPS in his first 61 big league plate appearances, dipped to just .569 in his next 43, exploded for a ridiculous 1.234 mark in his next 77, and then collapsed to just a .476 mark in his last 72 PA’s. Every big leaguer sees his performance fluctuate, but this is ridiculous. Is Myers ever going to be a consistent player, or will he just tease us with his talent before falling off a cliff again?

Myers has been very streaky since arriving in the major leagues. But this recent slump, and especially his game on Thursday, was different. The questions Myers has faced the last several years has been about his patience, pitch recognition, and propensity to swing and miss. In his 29 plate appearances, Myers has hit just .045, but his strikeout to walk has actually been excellent at 9-7. He has drawn as many walks as he did in his first 33 games in the major leagues (144 PA’s). And it’s times like this that Myers starts heating up and doesn’t stop. Just before the hot streak that landed him in the major leagues, Myers had a 37 plate appearance streak where he hit just .161 but with a 7-5 strikeout to walk ratio. Once Myers’ plate discipline kicks in, nobody how badly he’s playing, it’s only a matter of time before his entire game starts to click. That’s happening now.

Wil Myers still has a lot of work proving that he will be patient enough to find consistent stardom in the major leagues. There is an enormous range of possibilities for where he goes from here, and certainly not all of them are good. But amid this recent slump, we have seen the light bulb go off for Myers even as his slump has continued. If this is truly that light bulb moment, the odds of Myers reaching his potential just went up tenfold and in all proability, Tampa Bay Rays fans have themselves found another star.