Game 136: Rays’ Woes Continue In 11-2 Loss To Angels, Sam Fuld Pitches In Eighth Inning

By Jenna West

It was another disappointing game for the Rays, who suffered a 11-2 loss to the Los Angeles Angels Monday night.

Chris Archer took the mound for the Rays, hoping to snap their four game losing streak. However, things turned sour quickly as Archer threw 24 pitches in the first inning, giving up one run to the Angels. Things continued to go downhill for Archer as he gave up two singles and a two-run homer in the fourth inning, giving the Angels a 5-1 lead. Before the inning ended, Joe Maddon replaced Archer with reliever Wesley Wright.

Prior to Monday night’s start, Archer was tied with eight wins for the most rookie wins in the American League. He gave up nine hits, one walk, and four strikeouts in 3.2 innings against the Angels.

While Ben Zobrist quickly gave the Rays a 1-0 lead with his solo shot to right field in the first inning, things were slow for the Rays’ offense the rest of the night. Despite having so few runs, the Rays certainly were presented many early opportunities to score by Angels’ starter Garrett Richards and reliever Cory Rasmus. The Rays drew eight walks in six innings before scoring again off of Zobrist’s RBI single in the sixth.

Unfortunately, the Angels kept unloading on the Rays, scoring five runs off of three Rays pitchers in the sixth inning. After three singles, one triple, and three walks, the Angels inflated the score to 10-2 during the inning.

Zobrist was certainly the Rays’ star Monday night, going 2-for-4 with two RBI and scoring one run in six innings. The second baseman was replaced by Kelly Johnson in the following inning.

Sam Fuld had a shining moment as well, when he was called upon to pitch in the bottom of the eighth inning. With two outs and two runners on base, Fuld delivered the inning’s final out as J.B. Schuck flied out to center field. Fuld is only the third Rays position player in team history to pitch in a game after Wade Boggs in 1999 and Josh Wilson in 2007.

The Rays’ pitching staff, which included five relievers, gave up 16 hits and five walks with nine strikeouts. The Angels’ staff delivered nine walks and eight strikeouts, while giving up six hits.

The Rays are five games behind the first place Boston Red Sox in the AL East and are now third place in the AL Wild Card standings. Monday night’s loss marked the Rays’ fifth straight loss and eight losses out of nine straight games.