Can Enny Romero Emulate David Price and Matt Moore?

By David Hill

During their postseason runs, the Tampa Bay Rays have gotten contributions from pitchers that had been previously unknown. David Price emerged as a dominant reliever for the Rays in the postseason in 2008, and Matt Moore made a name for himself with his start against the Rangers in 2011.

With that track record in mind, Enny Romero was brought up to make a start for the Rays as they looked to solidify their position in the Wild Card chase. While Romero was not nearly as dominating as either Price or Moore were in their debuts, he still turned in a solid performance, giving up only one hit in his 4.2 innings. While his control was spotty, as he walked four in his start, his fastball showed some excellent life and his changeup had promising movement. The problem was just his inability to throw consistent strikes.

Unlike Price and Moore, Romero is far from a polished pitcher. He relied heavily upon his fastball, and seems to lose the zone relatively easily. His walk rate has hovered about five per nine innings throughout minor league career, and he has seen his strikeout rate dip over the past couple of seasons.

Could Romero be a factor for the Rays down the stretch the same way Price and Moore were? He may not be someone who is going to start in the postseason, but could find a role in the bullpen. With the movement on his fastball and his ability to generate groundballs, he may be someone that could do well in a limited role.

Enny Romero is far from a finished product, but he may still have a role for the Rays. It may be unlikely that he can burst on the scene the same way Price and Moore did, but if he can become a reliable arm in the bullpen, then he may be able to fast track his path to the majors.