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Trading for David Price: The Internet’s Proposals

By Steve Givarz

We can publish lots of pieces saying who would be the best fit for David Price. But now it’s the internet’s turn! Most teams have been interested in the pitcher, and/or their fans have been begging for Price (mostly the latter). Here are some of the best examples I have found.

Colorado Rockies

Dexter Fowler just got dealt. Too bad. bookmark54 is an aspiring poet, good start, just needs a better finish.

San Francisco Giants

Two things Giants fans don’t want is to move Buster Posey or even think about moving Buster Posey.

Arizona Diamondbacks

If anyone cares, I loved the movie Devil’s Advocate.

Milwaukee Brewers

That’s not very nice!

Cincinnati Reds

Better start buying scratch-offs.

Atlanta Braves

Tizzy, my new favorite word.

Philadelphia Phillies

I’ll let it speak on its own.

New York Mets

Would still never do this, but still lists pieces that he thinks can do it. Joe isn’t as optimistic. Not sure who Thor is and Wilmer Flores is a bat without a position…although at least he does exist.

Oakland Athletics


Los Angeles Dodgers

That’s a start.

Or just  go with money. Putupyourdukes is a future stock broker.

New York Yankees

I’m laughing at this too.

Kansas City Royals

He already knows it’s doomed to fail.

Someone wants Christmas to come early.

Washington Nationals

Well Carlos Rodon is still in college so he can’t be traded yet. Maybe he means Anthony Rendon? Not sure who Luis Giolito is, might be Lucas Giolito’s half-brother? Matt Skole is 24 and missed all of 2013 with a wrist injury, and considering the Nationals traded back for A.J. Cole from Oakland, I don’t think they trade him again.

Couldn’t find “Mid-prospect” in the minor league database–must be stuck in another country awaiting a visa. Matt Purke has fallen like an anvil in the minor leagues.

Cleveland Indians

Lee is C.C. Lee, a 27 year old reliever and Tommy John survivor who made his major league debut in 2013. Frazier is Clint Frazier, the Indians recent first round pick, draft picks can’t be traded until one year after they are traded. Yan Gomes is nice but not an everyday solution. Ignoring every problem, it looks like a pretty good deal.

St. Louis Cardinals


Los Angeles Angels

Jarathen said it with such great confidence that he still isn’t sure what to think of it.

Because trading for prospects in a weak system are still worth it.

Minnesota Twins

Neither Eddie Rosario nor Max Kepler are top-rated prospects. If the Twins call dangling Chris Parmelee in regards to David Price, I laugh then see if they are still on the line and laugh again.

Chicago Cubs

If only Reed Johnson was still a Cub, then this would be great!

Three-Team Trade! 

When all else fails, go with the three-team trade.

Houston Astros

Again, who doesn’t love three-team trades!

Pittsburgh Pirates

Not bad, it’s actually the best offer of all these!

Have any favorites or feel like contributing a bad Price trade of your own? Head to the comments.