Rays Rumors

Stop Talking About the New York Yankees and David Price

By Robbie Knopf

Tampa Bay Rays president Matthew Silverman had to deny it. After David Lennon of Newsday tweeted that the ownership groups of the Rays and Boston Red Sox were unwilling to trade David Price and Jon Lester to the New York Yankees, Silverman had to tell Marc Topkin directly that, of course, Lennon’s information was not correct.

"“We don’t have a no-fly list,” Rays president Matt Silverman said. “We have 29 potential trading partners, and we have explored trades with each and every one of them.”"

Topkin opined in his piece that Lennon’s tweet was an attempt to make a story or the Yankees making excuses for not bringing in an ace pitcher. Silverman was saying the truth and Topkin made good points, but let’s just say the obvious: the New York Yankees could have never traded for David Price, and it had nothing to do with discrimination solely against them. The Yankees weren’t going to acquire David Price because of the resentment the Rays have against them because there are so many Yankee fans in the Tampa Bay market. Price wasn’t heading to New York because the Yankees’ big-payroll, win-now-and-always mindset is the antithesis of everything in which the Rays believe. The Rays were not going to deal their ace left-hander to the Yankees for one simple reason: the Yankees’ lack of sufficient prospects.

The Rays, according to some people, did not get the type of return they were expecting to receive for David Price. But could the Yankees have matched it? The good news for them in that their system is starting to improve. Luis Severino is looking like a legitimate starting pitching prospect, while Rob Refsnyder is not far from making a big league impact. Aaron Judge and Ian Clarkin headline the Yankees’ prospects taking steps forward at lower levels. But would the Rays have traded Price to the Yankees for those four players? Given the package they received in the end, there is no chance. We know at the end of the day, that the Rays took a return of more big league-ready young players, and the Yankees simply don’t have those in their organization. That is especially true given the markup the Rays would have asked for in an intra-division trade.

Here is everything you need to know about the New York Yankees’ pursuit of David Price: at 2:04 PM, they were reported to be talking to the Rays, and nine minutes later, they were described as unlikely to get him. The Rays were willing to deal Price to the Yankees, but New York couldn’t put together a good enough return. That is the entire story. In a couple of years, when the Rays are looking to trade another top-of-the-rotation pitcher, if the Yankees have better young players in their organization, they will have a chance to land him. If not, it will be the same exact thing and you may see a similar tweet to what Lennon sent out before that saga concludes.