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Takeaways From Tampa Bay Rays’ Winter Ball Results Part 2

By Robbie Knopf
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Oct. 14, 2014; Mesa, AZ, USA; Oakland Athletics infielder Daniel Robertson plays for the Mesa Solar Sox during an Arizona Fall League game against the Scottsdale Scorpions at Salt River Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Robertson: It may take a little time, but it will be worth it

When the Arizona Fall League was going on, Tampa Bay Rays fans knew which of their team’s prospects were participating. Of course, that didn’t include Robertson, who wasn’t acquired by the Rays until months later. With that in mind, this look at Robertson’s AFL stats will be a fresh one because none of us were watching him when he was actually playing.

Robertson hit to a .301/.398/.356 line with 1 double, 1 homer, and 12 RBI in 88 plate appearances. His plate discipline was quite good as he walked 11 times (12.5% of his plate appearances), although his 20 strikeouts (22.7%) was a touch high. What should we read into those statistics?

Robertson’s numbers were quite impressive given that he was one of the league’s younger players at just 20 years of age. Despite going up against more advanced pitching than he had ever seen before, he more than held his own, not tapping into his power but spraying singles across the field and drawing his fair share of walks.

Daniel Robertson didn’t set the Arizona Fall League on fire like he would have if he was close to big league-ready. He clearly needs to spend the entire 2015 season and at least a few months of 2016 continuing to refine his game in the minors. Nevertheless, he managed to play well in spite of that and remind us how good he will be when his time arrives.

There is also another stat that probably means little but is too cool not to mention: Robertson’s performance with runners in scoring position. Robertson hit .364 with 10 RBI and an insane .515 OBP, walking 7 times against 4 strikeouts. If he wasn’t good enough normally, he became nearly impossible to get out with RISP. Rays fans certainly have to hope that he his big league performance in the clutch resembles the show he put on in the AFL.