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10 Possible Tampa Bay Rays Defensive Alignments Versus Lefties

By Robbie Knopf
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This is a lineup we talked about previously when discussing a Rays roster without Beckham, but we can also craft a scenario when the Rays would want to use it even with Beckham. Let’s say that Beckham is struggling at the plate and the Rays’ starter that day is a flyball pitcher like Jake Odorizzi or Drew Smyly. Then playing Forsythe over him could make sense, especially with Kiermaier and Loney canceling out most of his defensive damage.

This is clearly a variant of Lineup A–if we take out Kiermaier or Loney, then Beckham would be back in the game and would be playing shortstop over Forsythe. With that in mind, it is hard to believe that Forsythe will be playing shortstop very much. Even so, this is the type of lineup we could expect the Rays to use at least two or three times in 2015.