Tampa Bay Rays: Edrick Agosto A Big Question Mark in Round 20

By Robbie Knopf

Go to the MLB.com Draft Tracker, and it doesn’t take long to find the first strange thing about the Tampa Bay Rays’ 20th round pick, right-hander Edrick Agosto. Agosto is one of just four players in this year’s draft not to have a school listed. If you know Agosto a little bit better, there is also a second reason for curiosity: his weight. Previously listed as high as 247 pounds by Perfect Game, Agosto is listed at just 220 pounds by Perfect Game.

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Agosto is a graduate of the International Baseball Academy in Puerto Rico, and at one point or another, he was committed to Broward Community College and Alabama State. Apparently he ended up at neither after he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 18th round of the 2014 Draft and did not sign. What has he been doing since then? We know that he showcased in front of major league scouts along with other players from Puerto Rico in May and pitched in some Perfect Game events, but that’s about it. Given the difference between what we thought we weighed and how MLB.com listed him, we can imagine him working out to get into better shape.

Perfect Game also lists him as a “Class of 2015 RHP,” which makes no sense given that he was already drafted by the Giants. Did the Giants make a huge mistake and draft a high school junior? That sounds doubtful, as does the possibility that he failed to graduate from high school given that PG describes him as “a good student.” I wouldn’t want to speculate about something like that anyway without all of the facts. The most likely possibility is that Perfect Game simply didn’t know what to call Agosto given that he wasn’t at any school.

In any event, Edrick Agosto doesn’t turn 19 until November and has shown some impressive stuff, reaching as high as 93 MPH on his fastball. He gets nice run away from right-handed hitters when it is at his best and does a solid job taking advantage of his height to drive the ball down in the zone. He also throws a solid mid-70’s curveball that stood out most for his ability to spot it for called strikes. Then there was his changeup, which he has never needed to throw much but has shown significant promise. Scouts like his arm action on it along with its late movement.

And now, after we discussed he seemingly impressive arsenal, we can be puzzled by another question–why was Agosto still available in the 20th round? As with the other questions, all we can do is speculate, but given that Agosto seemingly wasn’t at any school last year, we have to think that he is signable for a $100,000 bonus or less. Assuming that does happen, the Tampa Bay Rays will have themselves an interesting prospect shrouded in mystery.

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