Tampa Bay Rays: 6 Prospects on Fangraph’s KATOH Top 100

By Mat Germain

The Tampa Bay Rays have numerous prospects worthy of a top 100 ranking. Fangraphs provides us with their KATOH list which has an impressive 6 Rays prospects who made the cut.

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Fangraph’s Chris Mitchell recently published the latest version of his KATOH rankings. You can read all about

how the rankings work here

, and how they’ve been

improved here

. Essentially, he has a ranking system that takes into account different items based on which level the player is in, his size, and his WAR potential through 28 years old. That’s the short end of it but I recommend you read the links above if you want to know more about this system.

One of the biggest additions he’s made this year is the defensive abilities of each prospect. As you can imagine, that’s not an easy thing to do – even for a math whiz – but it should allow for some separation that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

The Rays have an impressive 6 prospects listed on the Top 100. Here they are, in reverse order:

100. Brent Honeywell, 20 years old, SP-HiA

  • 2014 WAR N/A
  • Calculated 3.7 WAR through age 28

98. Joey Rickard, 24 years old, OF-AAA

  • 2014 WAR 0.0
  • Calculated 3.8 WAR through age 28

74. Jacob Faria, 22 years old, SP-AA

  • 2014 WAR 0.7
  • Calculated 4.4 WAR through age 28

67. Daniel Robertson, 21 years old, SS-AA

  • 2014 WAR 5.1
  • Calculated 4.8 WAR through age 28

41. Blake Snell, 22 years old, SP-AAA

  • 2014 WAR 0.9
  • Calculated 6.4 WAR through age 28

7. Jake Bauers, 20 years old, 1B-AA

  • 2014 WAR 3.4
  • Calculated 13.3 WAR through age 28

It’s important to note how weighted towards the higher minors the KOTAH system is, leaving many of the younger and deeper talents off the list altogether. Despite this fact, I doubt many would have predicted Bauers would lead the Rays on this list.

The most interesting thing about this list in my opinion is how well this depth works with the current strengths of the Rays roster and how close to MLB ready they are. Need power? Bauers is ready. Need speed? Pick up Rickard. How about the never enough pitching depth? Both Snell and Faria are ready to make an impact. And the up-the-middle help from Robertson may take longer to arrive, but isn’t far off at all.

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This top 100 KATOH list doesn’t make any promises, there are no guarantees, and it’s not a perfect ranking. However, I thought it was important to point out since it does bring up the point that there are many intriguing prospects extremely close to making an impact in Tampa Bay. It shouldn’t be long before they make a permanent appearance in The Show, and we’re looking forward to cashing in on many of the WAR promises made above. I hope you enjoyed it and that it made everyone feel better about 2016 and beyond!