Casting the Rays as Star Wars Characters

By Mat Germain
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Jul 19, 2015; Washington, DC, USA; A replica R2D2 moves across the Washington Nationals concourse on Star Wars day before the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Casting Rays Star Wars: Hank Conger as R2D2

He’s a fairly new Rays player, but he fits in best as R2. Not only is R2 the biggest party animal of the Star Wars bunch, but he also is the most excitable overall. You’ve seen him let those noises out shaking like a leaf, well, Conger can be just as excitable.

When we’re talking physical attributes, it would definitely have to be Conger in the crouch, because at 6’2″, he’s not exactly in R2 territory. I’m not really sure how good Conger is at infiltrating electronic systems, but word is he calls a good game and can foil hitters and their plans at the plate. That’ll work.

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