Rays: 16 Things to Look Forward To in 2016

By Mat Germain
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Number Ten Thing to Look Forward to: Snell, Faria, and Guerrieri

We’re not fortune tellers and can’t measure up for certain what each MLB team has in terms of SP talent waiting in the wings. However, we’d challenge anyone to come up with 3 better options in AAA and AA for an MLB team to pick from when needing a call up in 2016 than Blake Snell, Jacob Faria, and Taylor Guerrieri.

All three of these guys could step in and have a tremendous impact on the Rays season in 2016. Whether they begin the season in the minors and step in from June onwards or break with the team if trades are made, the trio all have number two starter potential and ceilings of an ace if they develop as well as Chris Archer has with the Rays.

The fact that all of them will be pitching in 2016 at 23 years old or younger is amazing and an indication of the possible need to add some AAA experience to their repertoire, but with the sheer dominance they displayed in 2015, there’s no doubt the Rays are in a position to step up their arrival time in TB if required. When you dream of the Rays making the playoffs in 2016, one or all of these three is likely to play a role.

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