Rays: 16 Things to Look Forward To in 2016

By Mat Germain
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MLB: ALDS-Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics
MLB: ALDS-Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics /

Summary and Happy New Rays Year!!!

The Rays may not have made the flashiest moves for the 2016 season, but there’s reason to believe that it may already be enough to help them compete for a playoff position. From Alex Cobb’s return to Brad Miller’s play at SS, and from Hank Conger and Logan Morrison’s power to Steven Souza’s progression at the plate, you get a sense that this team could surprise many people.

However you spin it, the one concrete thing we know for 2016 is that this team will have some of the best pitching in all of MLB and that it can therefore continue to succeed if and when injuries occur. A more experienced GM, some interesting trade pieces, and some intriguing prospects add to the team and should result in a better chance of winning this season.

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Look towards spring training with hope, excitement, and high expectations as the team aims to deliver a better performance than it achieved in 2015. At this point, anything is possible and with some better luck than what the Rays received in 2015, the playoffs could be in their future.

Happy New Year everyone, and here’s to an outstanding 2016 Tampa Bay Rays season!!!