Tampa Bay Rays End the Tim Beckham Error

By David Hill
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 29: Tim Beckham
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 29: Tim Beckham /

Tim Beckham was finally useful for the Tampa Bay Rays this year. That does not change the fact that the Error of Beckham had to end.

The writing was on the wall for Tim Beckham. When the Tampa Bay Rays traded for Adeiny Hechavarria, Beckham was without a job, relegated to a part time role at second base. While he displayed solid power this year, hitting 12 homers and producing a respectable .259/.314/.407 batting line.

However, there were problems with Beckham’s production. He struck out 110 times in 345 plate appearances, with just 24 walks. His defense, while improved, was nowhere near what Hechavarria provides in the middle of the diamond. It was not a surprise that Beckham was let go, with the Rays sending him to Baltimore for Tobias Myers.

With that move, the Rays ended an error that began when he was selected with the first overall pick in 2008. Quite a few words have been written about the players the Rays missed out on, with Buster Posey and Eric Hosmer taken shortly thereafter.

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Had Beckham taken his time to develop and managed to become a viable player, bypassing players like Hosmer and Posey could have been somewhat forgiven. Instead, the Rays pushed him through the minors, despite little evidence that he was ready. Beckham had dealt with injuries and a drug suspension, pushing his development even further behind.

In the end, he leaves behind a legacy of disappointment. Beckham was a serviceable utility player with his decent pop, but was exposed during extended playing time. He did eventually become a major league caliber player, but he was never the star the Rays hoped for with that draft pick. Beckham also never became that super utility player the Rays could have used either, given his offensive limitations.

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Tim Beckham is no longer a member of the Tampa Bay Rays. That error has come to an end.