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Tampa Bay Rays Alex Colome owns his past

By David Hill
BALTIMORE, MD - JUNE 30: Alex Colome
BALTIMORE, MD - JUNE 30: Alex Colome /

Most players that have been suspended for PEDs in their career simply want to forget about it and move on. Tampa bay Rays closer Alex Colome, however, has completely owned his past.

Back in 2014, then Tampa Bay Rays prospect Alex Colome was suspended 50 games for PED use. At the time, Colome was a starter, vying for the Rays fifth spot in the rotation when he tested positive for Boldenone, a steroid used to treat horses. It was a tough blow to Tampa Bay, and likely caused Colome to only have five appearances in the majors that year.

Fast forward to 2017, and Colome has become a key part of the Rays. Instead of being that excellent starter they hoped for, he has become a dominant closer. After making the All Star Game last year, Colome is leading the American League with 34 saves. His ability to lock down the ninth inning has been a tremendous boost to a Rays team that has desperately searched for competent relievers this season.

With his success, one would think that Colome has left his PED suspension in the past. Instead, he is embracing that previous discretion during the upcoming Player’s Weekend. In two weeks, from the 25th through the 27th, Colome will be wearing a jersey with the nickname The Horse.

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While most people will likely regard that nickname as a part of Colome’s standing in the bullpen, it may well have another meaning. Given his previous suspension for Boldenone, this nickname could simply be a tongue in cheek response, saying that he does not need PEDs to dominate. Or, Colome could simply be saying that he is a horse in his own right, and was therefore taking his needed medication.

Of course, Colome has also been a workhorse for the Rays bullpen. He ranked second on the team in appearances last year, and with 49 games this season, is the current team leader. He has been vital in keeping the Rays close, if not securing the victory. He has, indeed, been the horse in the Rays bullpen, a true weapon in each of the past two years.

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Alex Colome will be flashing back to the past for his nickname on Player’s Weekend. It is a great way for the Tampa Bay Rays closer to make light of the past.