Tampa Bay Rays hitters v.s. Mike Mussina

Mike Mussina was finally inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. There he will join Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith, and Harold Baines who all make up the class of 2019.

Like Rivera and Halladay, Mussina was a longtime AL East foe of the Tampa Bay Rays and Devil Rays. Before I break down how good he was against the Rays, let’s look at how good he was overall.

Mussina was a winner, plain and simple. Over the course of his 18 year career, he won 270 games. Mussina was a 5 time all-star and a 7 time Gold Glove award winner. He never won the Cy Young award but he finished top 6 in voting 9 times and in 1999 he was the runner-up in the American League. He also received MVP votes 3 times and his best finish was 19th.

He broke in Baltimore in 1991 and was an Oriole until 2001, which is when he would join the New York Yankees through the 2008 season, the last year of his career. All 5 of his all-star appearances came in an Oriole uniform.

The last year of his career he finally won 20 games and twice before 2008 he won 19 games. He eclipsed 200 innings 11 times in his 18 year career. Like Roy Halladay, Mussina essentially spent an entire season pitching to the Tampa Bay Rays and Devil Rays. Yes, you guessed it, Mussina won tons against the Rays in those 33 games, Take a look at his career stats against us:

Mike Mussina’s statistics v.s. the Rays and Devil Rays

G/GS: 33/33

Record: 19-8

IP: 211

ERA: 3.50

K/BB: 170/47

All he ever the Rays was win, it is as simple as that. He only pitched in 5 stadiums more often than he did at the Trop. Guess what he did at the Trop… he won some more.

Mike Mussina’s statistics at Tropicana:

G/GS: 18/18

Record: 9-5

IP: 113

ERA: 4.06

K/BB: 80/24

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Unlike Mariano Rivera and Roy Halladay, the Rays current skipper never got to catch the Mike Mussina.

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