Tampa Bay Rays announce promotional schedule

Blake Snell (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Blake Snell (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Tampa Bay Rays announce their promotional schedule for the 2019 season, including a pair of Blake Snell days.

As Single game tickets go on sale, and fan fest nears, the Tampa Bay Rays also announced their promotional schedule ahead of spring training, and opening day.

First off, the Rays announced that the $7.11 tickets for Friday Night games at the Trop will return. Making games cheap, and manageable for families to go have some fun on a Friday Night. This promotional event continues to be a steal for fans, as most ball clubs use dynamic prices and upcharge tickets on prime nights such as a Friday Night.

On March 30th, the Rays will give out “Cy Zilla” bobbleheads to honor the 2018 CY Young award winner, Blake Snell.

As you can see if you click the link, and send out a tweet, although I am sure you have seen it by now, it is a pretty sick bobblehead. For those making the trip to the Trop on March 30th against the Houston Astros, keep in mind that snagging a bobblehead, or an extra one, and throwing it up on eBay, or other outlets to sell goods, could earn you a pretty penny.

Or, you can keep me in mind, a Tampa Bay Rays fan in Oklahoma, and send it to me for free. (After all, I do give you this good good content)

That is not all for the Blake Snell celebration, the Rays will also hand out replica jersey’s for Snell on July 20th.

Ryne Stanke is also on the promotional list getting a bottle opener night. For all your cold bottled beverages that need to be opened. This one is less cool, but still free (well, kinda? You still need to go to the game) so why not?

Pretty Boy Kevin Kiermaier will have his own day, as the Tampa Bay Rays will give away his kid-sized replica jerseys.

From short sleeved hoodies to tropical shirt night, the full Rays promotional list is incredible. Check out the full list below.

Below in the comments, or on Twitter, let us know two things. One, what is your favorite Tampa Bay Rays promotion for this year? Two, if you were in charge what promotion would you make?

For me, if I was in charge, I would troll the cash-less headlines and give away cash…Kevin Cash. That is right, money with Kevin Cash’s face on it valued for one free drink.