Rays: Top Six Slapdicks in Sports History

By Seth Carter
Blake Snell (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Blake Snell (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /
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Blake Snell (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Slapdick #5 – The Shockmaster

In the very real world of professional wrestling, competitors have to resort to bizarre and extreme behaviors in order to psych out the other psychos. The Shockmaster had perhaps the most memorable debut in wrestling history.

His real name is Fred Ottman, he also wrestled in the WWF under the name “Tugboat,” because he was as big and fat as a tug boat. Tugboat was tag partners with another big fat guy called Earthquake.

During a run in WCW, Ottman was to be introduced as the hideous and terrible Shockmaster. In 1994, WCW paid millons of dollars to Hulk Hogan to gain credibility. it is reasonable to wonder if they felt the need to spend all that money on the Hulkster to make of for the slap-dickery of the Shockmaster’s debut.

WCW decided the best way to introduce Ottman with in a memorable fashion would be to put the 300 pounder in bedazzled storm trooper helmet and have him charge through a some drywall. The problem with that? Well, there were a lot of problems with the entire concept. There was however, one moment in particular that fast-tracked the Shockmaster in the Slapdick Hall of Fame.

A fracas erupted among the professional pretend-fighters and Sting announced that he had an ally that would shock the world…because he is the Shockmaster. Shock the world he did.

When the Shockmaster burst through the wall, nobody had warned him about a board running across the bottom of the wall and he went down like a bag full of slapdicks.