Rays: Top Six Slapdicks in Sports History

By Seth Carter
Blake Snell (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
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#4 Slapdick – Alex Gonzalez

I give this spot to Alex Gonzalez because his error caused Steve Bartman to be forever falsely accused of being a Slapdick.

October 14, 2003. the Cubs are leading the Marlins in the eighth inning of Game Six of the NLCS. Chicago was up three games on the Marlins when Miguel Cabrera hit into a sure-fired double play. Alex Gonzalez’s steady glove would just snatch it up and fire turn two. Cabrera couldn’t run back in those days.

Chicago needed five more outs and they would be packing their bags for the World Series, Gonzalez was about to take care of two of them right here when disaster struck.

This ground ball was so easy and routine that the slappiest of slapdicks would have been able to corral this one. The Marlins had new life. Later that inning,t he Bartman incident occurred on a foul ball down the left-field line. This foul ball would forever alter the course of the life-long Cubs fan, Steve Bartman.

You can see in the video everyone in the area reached for the ball. This wasn’t even ruled fan interference. Alas, none of it mattered for poor Bartman. He would retreat into hiding for years. He received death threats and unfair blame. The Cubs ultimately gave up eight runs following the Gonzalez error.

Steve Bartman paid the price for what ensued. Alex Gonzalez should be the one remembered in the same vain as Bill Buckner and Merkle’s boner, not a fan who simply reached for a foul ball. For this, Alex Gonzalez is a slapdick.