Tampa Bay Rays: The problem with slapdicks

By Seth Carter
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Tampa Bay Rays
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Addicted to Slapdicks

Why are the Rays so addicted to slapdicks? There are several reasons. For example, take a look at the Delmon Young trade. Chris Archer was a part of that trade tree. It’s quite amazing how well that one trade has worked out for the team. Take a look at the total impact and how it’s still contributing to their success all these years later.

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These trades are smart business moves. They are cost-efficient. They keep spending down for a low-revenue team. They keep the system over-flowing with young, affordable talent. It often turns one good player into many.

Slapdick Side Effects

What are the side-effects of continuously turning your roster over? What does it do to morale when you have a magical 96-win season, then trade one of your best players for a “slapdick?” Ask Blake Snell. He looked very agitated. Put yourself in his shoes.

Slapdicks are not the only reason fans don’t show up, but it doesn’t help when they have to watch their favorite players leave every year. It doesn’t help when they fork over hard-earned cash for a jersey with the name of a player on the back, that will make a lot of money elsewhere.

For Christmas this year I’m getting my son a custom Rays’ jersey. Instead of a player’s surname on the back, it will read: “Player to be Named Later.” It’s more befitting of the Rays way.

Even better: “Slapdick to be Named Later”

On Player’s day, when the players get to put their nicknames on the back of their jerseys, do you think Xavier Edwards will be allowed to go with “Slapdick?”

Fans like stars. The Rays don’t want them here. When a player has star power, the Rays leverage it for more slapdicks. Stars are expensive and it’s not the Rays’ way.

If you run WrestleMania, you need a Hulk Hogan in the main event. People don’t fly from all over the world and pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to watch a couple of slapdicks.

Gerrit Cole will sign for an AAV worth roughly half of Tampa’s entire 2020 payroll. To the Rays, a contract like that looks stupid. You know what looks stupid? An empty stadium.

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What do you think? Should the Rays continue their ways or should they give fans some heroes to support?