Tampa Bay Rays 2019 Statistical Leaders – Pitching

By Seth Carter
Nick Anderson (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Nick Anderson (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /
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Complete Games – Come on, you know the Rays don’t play like that.

Wild Pitches – Blake Snell led the team with 11 wild pitches in 107 innings. Hey, when you have stuff like Blake Snell, it’s no surprise that a few of them take off.

Most Home Runs Allowed – Yonny Chirinos gave up 23 homers in just 133.1 innings pitched. That was good for eight more than the next closest player (Morton) who pitched in 61.1 more innings than Chirinos in 2019.

HRs/9 (min. 20 innings pitched) Chaz Roe led the team with a minuscule 0.6 home runs allowed per nine innings. Opposing hitters were only able to muster three home runs against the 32-year-old in 51 innings pitched.

ERA+ Remember, with ERA+ it’s used as a comparison tool to league average with adjustments for ballparks. The stat is designed to make a score of “100” equal to league average. It’s not so much about how many innings you pitch but how effective you are when you pitch. It comes as no surprise that the Rays’ team leader in ERA+ is Tyler Glasnow.

More on ERA+ It is worth noting that the Rays had 22 pitchers register an ERA+ over 100 in 2019.

WHIP (Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched) – With a minimum of 20 innings pitched, Nick Anderson led the team with a .656 WHIP. It’s no surprise as he struck out 41.7% of the batter he faced last season. That doesn’t seem legal, 41.7% of the guys that stepped in the box were turned around to walk back to the dugout last season.

K% – Nick Anderson may have struck out 41.7% of the batters he faced last season, but that included his numbers from the Marlins. Strictly as a Tampa Bay Ray, Anderson struck out a jaw-dropping, curtain ripping, bucket kicking, anvil dropping 52.6% of the hitters he faced while wearing a Rays’ uniform. The next closest was Emilio Pagan with 36.0%, which is nothing to scoff at but holy cow Nick Anderson…we applaud you.