Former Rays first round pick Brandon Martin convicted of triple murder

A crazy story on a former Rays first-round pick leads to a conviction.

Former Tampa Bay Rays’ first round pick Brandon Martin has been convicted of a 2015 triple murder on Thursday night reports NBC Los Angeles. There were three beatings that came at the hands of a baseball bat, as the three people including Martin’s father was beaten to death.

It was reported that the Riverside jury didn’t take long on the decision, taking less than a day to deliberate on the allegations. The charges included more than the murder, but also one count each of auto theft, evading arrest, obstructing a peace officer, and injuring a police canine.

NBC Los Angeles details that according to the prosecution, Martin experienced unidentified psychiatric issues and was placed into the county’s Department of Mental Health’s emergency treatment facility on Sep. 15, 2015. It was only two days later that Martin entered a home, killing his father, uncle, and a bystander with a baseball bat that had Martin’s name engraved.

According to the Los Angeles Times, his behavior became erratic after being draft in 2011 as there were instances where he punched his father in the face and put his own mother in a headlock.

Martin, 27, was selected by the Rays in 2011 as a shortstop with the 38th overall selection. He was released after three minor league seasons in 2015. His highest level of play was Bowling Green, while his career minor league average was .211.