Ranking the top 31 catchers in the 2012 MLB Draft


I gave you some scouting reports on the best catchers available in the 2012 MLB Draft over the past few days, but here’s your rankings of those catchers. The order of the posts I did was based on the order from mlbdraftguide.com (even though the scouting report were all my own), so a lot of players were out of order in terms of how I would rank them. Here is my actual ranking.

1. Mike Zunino

2. Stryker Trahan

3. C.J. Saylor

4. Alex Bregman

5. Tom Murphy

6. Wyatt Mathisen

7. RJ Ybarra

8. David Houser

9. Josh Elander

10. Clint Coulter

11. Dane Phillips

12. Kevin Pawlecki

13. Stephen Sauter

14. Jason Goldstein

15. Tomas Nido

16. Chris Chinea

17. Peter O’Brien

18. Chad Morgan

19. Daniel Garner

20. Nelson Rodriguez

21. Spencer Kieboom

22. Carlos Escobar

23. AJ Kennedy

24. Ronnie Freeman

25. Darrell Miller

26. Blake Hickman

27. Bryan De La Rosa

28. Mike Fultz

29. Scott Williams

30. Boomer White

31. Mike Lubanski

Again, information and scouting reports for the players ranked here are available in Parts 1, 2, and 3 of my “Taking an early look at the catchers in the 2012 MLB Draft” post, which can be found here, here, and here. Enjoy.