Evan Longoria is the best Tampa Bay Rays player of all time

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER 1: Rays third baseman Evan Longoria (Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images)
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER 1: Rays third baseman Evan Longoria (Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images) /

The countdown on Rays Colored Glasses of the top position players of all time ends with number one, Evan Longoria.

The Tampa Bay Rays have had a 20 year run in Major League Baseball, and the pillar, the face of the franchise, the most recognizable player is Evan Longoria.

Evan Longoria played ten years in Tampa Bay, before being shipped off the last offseason during the fire sale of 2018.

Longoria played in over 1,400 games for the Rays. He held a batting average of .270 for his career with the Tampa Bay Rays. The stellar third baseman hit 261 home runs for the Tampa Bay Rays and drove in almost nine hundred runs for the organization.

Longoria enjoyed a .341 on base percentage, with a .483 slugging percentage.

The 33 year old from Downey, California was drafted with the third overall pick in the 2006 MLB draft.

Longoria made his much anticipated Major League Baseball debut in 2008 against a divisional foe in the Baltimore Orioles at the age of 22.

Longoria was traded to the San Fransico Giants for Denard Span and Christian Arroyo. Span was later flipped to the Mariners in 2018, and we will wait and see what if anything Arroyo turns into. His potential suggests he could be a third base mainstay for Tampa Bay.

Everyone has their favorite Evan Longoria moment. None for famous, then the most famous home run in Rays history.

Evan Longoria holding his arms in the air after the homer is the most famous moment in Tampa Bay Rays history, from one of their first blue chip prospects that everyone was looking forward to.

What if your favorite moment involving Evan Longoria? Could it be off (or still on? How would you classify this?) the field like him saving a reporters life?

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Longoria finished with a career 50 WAR, good enough for the franchise high.