3 Options Tampa Bay Has with Tyler Glasnow

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Option 2: Trade Tyler Glasnow before the 2023 Season

In December 2020, the Tampa Bay Rays did what few contenders would ever due, trade a Cy Young award winning in his prime in the middle of a very affordable contract, sending Blake Snell to the Padres in return for four prospects. Looking at the case of Tyler Glasnow, the club may take a very similar route once again.

The Snell trade is not a one for one replica for a Glasnow trade considering he did win a Cy Young, was not coming off of a major injury, and was not going to be a free agent, but it does show the club is willing to trade major talent rather than resigning. Part of the isuse with this scenario though is that Glasnow's trade value will be significantly less than it would have been pre-injury. Would the Rays receive enough value for a Glasnow trade at the deadline or this offseason to be worth it?

If Tampa Bay is worried about Glasnow's recovery process or like their current options, they may decide to flip his contract for farm system depth or a win now piece, but it would be hard to expect anything of significance coming back Tampa's way.