3 Options Tampa Bay Has with Tyler Glasnow

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Option 3: Treat Tyler Glasnow Like a Rental in 2023

If Tampa Bay cannot agree to an extension with Glasnow and do not find a deal they would like to pull the trigger on before the 2023 season, treating him like a rental for his last year of team control could be a great option.

Assuming the Rays are contenders again in 2023, seeing if Glasnow can return to ace form or close to it to add to their wealth of pitching would give them another crack at the elusive World Series trophy they have been searching for.

If the Rays fall out of playoff contention and Glasnow is back to form, they will be able to pawn him off to the highest bidder. If Tampa is in the thick of the race, then they'll have a dominate rotation come October and will watch the right hander walk in the offseason.

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The new CBA has gotten rid of the qualifying offer and draft compensation for star players that leave their team in free agency, so Glasnow would be walking for nothing if he is allowed to hit free agency. With how deep the Rays farm system is currently, this team could afford to let him walk for nothing at the expense of keeping him around for one last run.