3 Tampa Bay Rays Trade Targets While Battling Injuries

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
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Target #2 - Paul DeJong

It's not often that a contending team is willing to move a former All-Star at a premium position like shortstop midseason, but the St. Louis Cardinals may be willing to move onto Paul DeJong to help solve their bullpen crisis.

Paul DeJong began 2022 at the Cardinals starting shortstop, and although he maintained elite defense, his .417 OPS led to a demotion in early May and he still remains on the AAA Memphis ballclub.

DeJong has proven to be a solid option in the past, being name an NL All-Start in 2019 while hitting 30 home runs for the Cardinals. While playing in AAA this season, he has 9 HR in 30 games and has an OPS sitting at .751. With both Wander Franco and Brandon Lowe out, acquiring and power bat for the middle infield would be a wise move.

The St. Louis Cardinals are looking to take ahold of the NL Central and could use bullpen arms to cover the middle innings. If the Tampa Bay Rays are willing to send some of their young pitchers to St. Louis, they may be able to acquire a powerful, middle infield bat on a buy low opportunity.