5 Early Trade Targets for the Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays v Washington Nationals
Tampa Bay Rays v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages
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Midway through the month of May, teams around the league begin to take a look at where there club is in the current standings and seeds are planted of whether the team may end up being a buyer or a seller. While it's typically a little bit early for teams to make major moves, "selling" clubs will begin to identify trade markets for their valuable pieces, while contenders will create shortlists of guys who could fill holes on their ballclub going forward.

The Tampa Bay Rays are an organization that often goes against the grain, making analytically driven trades and capitalizing on their own high valued assets while taking advantage of other team's players that may be had at a good price. The club will sell high on the likes of Blake Snell and then rely on older pitchers who were thought to be paste their prime, or new waves of prospects to take over. And then every once in awhile, the club suprises the baseball world with a pursuit of the likes of Freddie Freeman.

Tampa Bay is clearly a contender once again, with hopes to make a run at a World Series title. There are many contenders across the league who are internally debating whether their club is just off to a slow start due to the dead ball this year and shortened Spring Training, or if moves need to be made. Regardless, the Rays would be wise to look into these 5 options as trade targets in the near future.