5 Early Trade Targets for the Tampa Bay Rays

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Luis Castillo
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Target #3 - Luis Castillo

Luis Castillo has been a hot name on the trade market for a few years now, but 2022 looks like the year the Reds finally cash in on this asset.

Castillo has not pitched much in 2022 due to injury, but is coming off a bounce back two year stretch with the Cincinnati Reds. Castillo owns a career ERA of 3.74 as well as a strikeout per 9 of 9.8. When Castillo is on, he can match up with almost any pitcher in baseball.

Adding the high ceiling of Castillo to a rotation that features McClanahan, Ryan Yarbrough, Drew Rasmussen, Corey Kluber, and the eventual returns of Baz and Luis Patino could create a deadly playoff rotation.

There are two concerns with pursuing a guy like Castillo. First, the Reds have held onto him for a reason, they want good value. The Rays of all teams are one who can afford to dip into their prospect pool, as they are consistently pumping out guys and are running out of positions to put them.

The other issue comes with Castillo's health. Throughout his career, the right hander has struggled to stay healthy, and the Rays already have a lot of arms that have the same issue. If the right deal lines up though, this could pay off huge for the ballclub.