5 Early Trade Targets for the Tampa Bay Rays

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David Peralta
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Target #5 - David Peralta

Off to a slow start in 2022, Arizona's David Peralta would be a nice buy low candidate to see if he can catch fire for the Tampa Bay Rays outfield.

Peralta has been one of the league's most consistent bats since entering in 2014, with a career slash line of .283/.341/.461. While his best days at the plate seem to be behind him, his ability to get on base could be revitalized on a new, contending club. Peralta still shows a lot of fight in his came, evidence by his 2-run homer in the 9th against the Dodgers on May 17th.

Like Benintendi, Peralta is a free agent come seasons end, and with the Diamondbacks promoting top prospect Alek Thomas and others to the big leagues, they may be incentivized to clear more space for their young bats.