5 Players the Tampa Bay Rays Could Trade For Before the Deadline

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Patrick Wisdom, 3B (Chicago Cubs)

The Chicago Cubs went into this season knowing they were likely not going to contend for a playoff spot, but their suddenly large group of young talent following their firesale in 2021 gave them hope to at least surprise some teams and that their rebuild was not going to take as long as originally expected. They have been downright horrendous to start 2022, though, and they have a bottom-5 record in all of baseball, meaning that anyone who doesn't figure to have a long-term future with the organization will likely be on their way out.

The strings that come attached to Patrick Wisdom make it seem like he was born to be a Tampa Bay Ray. He's a late bloomer in that he's already 30 years old yet he will not be eligible for free agency until 2027, so by the time he will be considered a "rental", the Cubs are likely to be contending, but he will probably be past his prime.

He is able to play both corner spots in the infield and outfield, meaning he can start at 4 different positions if necessary. He strikes out a ton, but he walks at an above-average rate and can crush the baseball. He hit 28 home runs in just 106 games last year, and he already has 12 this year, putting him near the top of the National League leaderboard. His strikeout totals greatly hamper his underlying numbers, but the stats indicate that when he makes contact, he's one of the most dangerous hitters in all of baseball (.479 xwOBA during at-bats where he makes contact). Selling out for power only works if the overall production offsets the strikeouts, and Wisdom certainly meets that standard.

He fits the Rays' mold well, and his all-or-nothing approach at the plate could lead to thrilling at-bats in the postseason.