5 Tampa Bay Rays make Baseball America's top 100 prospect list

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Josh Lowe
Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

No. 44 Josh Lowe - Outfield

Josh Lowe was the heart and soul for the Bulls last year. Just a year younger than Brujan, it makes sense why he is ranked so high by Baseball America. The Rays drafted him in the first round of the 2016 draft.

Extremely consistent, he posted a .292 BA, 22 HR, and 78 RBI. His number of RBI's ranked 3rd in the Triple A East. Lowe even stole 26 bases, which ranked 6th in 2021.

Time and time again, when the Bulls needed him to deliver, he came through for them. His clutch gene may be used one day in a Rays playoff game, rather than being stashed away in the minors. With a body type like Kevin Kiermaier, the Rays may have plans to bring Lowe in gradually over the next couple of years to learn from the 31 year old Kiermaier.

Kiermaier deserves to be the Rays starting centerfielder. His speed and veteran expierence puts him in the right position almost every play defensively and his .259 BA was nothing to sneeze at last year.His trade value has sky rocketed however, with reports of interest from other teams being circulated.

The time for Josh Lowe to be a Tampa Bay Ray full time could be coming sooner rather than later. With Lowe gaining more expierence and success in Triple A and Kiermaier's contract coming to an end, (could be a free agent in 2023) the Rays could be calling Josh Lowe up for good as soon as this spring.