5 Ways That The Rays Can Improve Attendance in a New Stadium

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3. A Few Buses

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My third suggestion comes in the form of game-day shuttle services. This doesn’t solve the problem of commuting across the bay in rush hour traffic, but it does eliminate the stress of having to make that drive yourself while also reducing the number of cars on the road. These shuttles can also help with another major issue the Rays (and MLB teams in general) are facing. The average age of a baseball fan is about 50 years old, much older than any other sport. So, we need to refocus on the next generation of fans. Game-day shuttles and party-themed buses to games from local hotspots could rejuvenate the fanbase. Other professional sports teams (such as the Green Bay Packers) do similar things to entice fans with long commutes to come to games. The University of Tampa, USF, and the SoHo area are all places that seem ideal for this.