5 Ways That The Rays Can Improve Attendance in a New Stadium

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4. More Ticket Options

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Similarly, the Rays could increase attendance among younger demographics (and at large) by expanding their ticket offering. The Rays recently announced 10-dollar tickets for select seats at home games, which is a great way to attract new fans. A few other ideas that could help improve attendance include increased flexibility with the flexible season membership and game-day rush options like the Lightning have for students (but expanded to all fans). The last ticketing option I propose is to give away a select number of free tickets each game to local little league and/or high school baseball teams. With the local TV blackout restrictions, many young fans cannot watch their local team play unless they go to the game. How are they going to become fans if they do not see the product? Since we do not yet have the storied history or sustained support other teams have, giving away tickets to local teams on a regular basis will be the best way to develop lifelong fans from an early age.