Beasts In The Easts: Rays Starting Rotation vs. the AL East

Where do the Rays stack up with pitching in the East?
Where do the Rays stack up with pitching in the East? / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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vs. Boston Red Sox

Chris Sale
Boston Red Sox Spring Training / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Last, but not l-"east," with the pun intended, the Red Sox come in with some turnover.

After restructuring their roster over the past three seasons, the team has seen a lot of its stars leave for bigger "scenes" in some cases, and the same goes for the Pitching staff.

The depth chart currently features Sale, Pivetta, and Kluber, a veteran-heavy top three in the rotation. 

Although those top three are a solid slate, the bottom half of the starting rotation is quite dim in terms of potential fillers to come in and surprise, and with such a young and upcoming staff that the Rays feature, it is quite a mismatch between the Sox and Rays staffs at the moment for 2023.

Although we have seen what Kluber can still bring after his time here in Tampa, there are more questions than solutions for the staff in Boston, especially with someone like Sale who has seen a decline over his years in Beane Town.

Offensively, the team should have some exciting newcomers, but the Sox rotation may have some tough outings compared to what the Rays have to offer. 

vs. Boston Red Sox: WIN