Brandon Lowe Showing Improved Numbers Post All-Star Break

It has not been the best looking season for Rays' second baseman Brandon Lowe. However, his numbers after the All-Star break so far suggest that the script can be flipped for him.
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

This season has not been one for the memory books for Tampa Bay Rays veteran infielder Brandon Lowe. It has been arguably his worst season at the plate. Before the All-Star break, Lowe had a staggeringly low batting average of .209, an on-base percentage of .307 and slugging percentage of .401.

He also struck out 68 times before the All-Star festivities. He is top five on the team in falling victim to strikeouts.

It was not looking to hot for Lowe in year number six with the Rays. However, there are signs that he is on the upward trend since the All-Star break happened.

Brandon Lowe on the upswing for Tampa Bay Rays

Through 11 games, Lowe is now batting .243 with nine hits. His on-base percentage also showed improvement rising to .333. His two home runs through these 11 games are a step-up considering he had only 9 through the 55 games before the break. Lowe's OPS also took a decent jump in these first 11 games. It went from .708 before the break to .819.

He is a career .244 hitter with the Rays. The rest of his numbers after the All-Star break are within a .005 margin of his career numbers. He may be able to turn his season around with his hitting stats leveling back out.

This is a huge deal for the Tampa Bay Rays. Lowe has always been one of the best power bats for them and it seems that he is getting his pop back. This should help a Tampa Bay offense that only averages 2.27 runs per game since the second half of the season started.