Former Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon Enjoying Time Away from MLB

Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays
Los Angeles Angels v Tampa Bay Rays / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

The Tampa Bay Rays have had a nice run of success over the last decade, and a lot of that can be pointed back to former manager Joe Maddon.

Maddon, who managed the club from 2006-2014, was fired this season by the Los Angeles Angels after the club went on a terrible stretch, and has not looked to jump back into the game to this point.

In a recent interview with Marc Topkin, Maddon indicated that does not miss the modern era of the game that has become analytically driven and front office oriented. Though many ballclubs have found a lot of success with these changes, Maddon is not a fan.

Not only did his abrupt end to his time with the Angels muddy relationships with that organization, it appears to have made Maddon more hesitant and selective to take on another position leading a Major League club, per that same interview with Topkin.

"“I would only go into that marriage really feeling good about that I’m philosophically aligned with whomever I’m going to work with,” he said. “Meaning, it has to be a balance, it just can’t be lopsided analytically. Baseball operation has to be one that understands both sides and understands it well.” "

Joe Maddon via interview w/ Marc Topkin

Maddon has been an excellent manager throughout his 19 year career, with a record of 1,382-1,216 and a World Series Championship in 2016 with the Chicago Cubs. During his time with the Rays, he had a .517 winning percentage and helped guide the club from a bottom of the league team to perennial contender.

With the shifts in how both front offices and dugouts approach the game, Maddon may not be able to find the role he is looking for with a club who was embrace his managing style. Things seem to have soured in his last tenure with the Angels, but any time you carry a track record like Maddon, teams will come calling.

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In the meantime, the 68-year old is getting a well deserved break from the game and will surely evaluate his options if teams come calling this offseason or in future years. Maddon will always be a legend for the Tampa Bay organization, and I am sure fans would welcome him back with open arms if the stars ever aligned.