Grapefruit League Preview (GM #2): Rays @ Red Sox

Tampa Bay Rays Photo Day
Tampa Bay Rays Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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In yesterday's Rays-Twins game, what was lacking were some of the prospects getting big hits during the game.

Although the top of the order produced, there generally wasn't any big extra-base hit that got a rally started, especially from some of the Rays' younger talents, which is something that fans should look for this afternoon.

Many of the regulars won't see the field till Monday in Sarasota, giving players such as Mandrazo and Qsar opportunities in the field, especially early in the ballgame.

Fans would crave to see a Mandrazo home run tomorrow or even a Qsar home run, someone who is underrated as a power bat in the system.

We got to see the 1B-pitcher combo of Mandrazo and Montgomery yesterday, and seeing the team's future on display is exciting, but being able to see production, especially in big league camp, is even more so.