Isaac Paredes' consistent hitting is showing up big time for the Rays

Isaac Paredes' consistent hitting all season has been helping the Rays vastly. He looks to continue to show his explosive power as the Rays look forward to facing A.L rivals Baltimore Orioles this week.
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Isaac Paredes, so far, is leading the Rays in home runs, RBI, hits, batting average, and doubles. His dominant offense is helping Tampa Bay to a remarkable degree. Right now, he has raked, smashing 10 home runs, all toward the left side of the field, which is his preferred spot. He's also totaled 62 hits and added 13 doubles. Paredes' .298 batting average so far is a significant difference from last season, a breakout year in which he had a .250 average. Moreover, ever since the Rays acquired Paredes from the Detroit Tigers for OF Austin Meadows, his batting average has increased each season, with concurrent increases in the home run and RBI departments.

Paredes has especially contributed to the Rays' offense in the past thirty days. He slashed .312/.411/.486 with three home runs and 20 RBI during that period of time. His powerful approach at the plate is making a case for Paredes to receive an All-Star bid this coming July in Arlington, Texas.

Here is what Isaac Paredes remarked recently about seeing the ball well in the series sweep against the Miami Marlins.

"I feel very good and confident on the plate, and I'm just trying to help this team win. I have been feeling confident for a while, and I hope this confidence at the plate helps me in the Baltimore series."

Rays Third Baseman Isaac Paredes

In the Marlins series this past week, Paredes combined for four hits and five RBI with eight total bases. The contributions of Isaac Paredes, Brandon Lowe, and Randy Arozarena were a big factor in getting the series sweep in Miami.

Tricia Whitaker, a reporter for the Bally Sports Rays, told Paredes, "You have been the guy for the Rays this season; what would you feel if you were elected as All-Star this season?" Here is his response:

"It will be a dream come true for me to represent the Rays, my homeland (Mexico), and for kids who have dreams to make it to the Major Leagues."

Rays Third Baseman Isaac Paredes

Isaac Paredes is leading the way for the Rays as the third baseman, and can be even the best third baseman in the AL if he continues to peak.

Paredes wants to contribute in any way possible to lead the Rays above .500 and give them a chance for a playoff berth. The All-Star voting is on, so go vote for your third baseman Isaac Paredes to live out his dream of being an All-Star at