Rays grades: Jose Siri added a new dimension to his game in 2023

Jose Siri already played good defense. In 2023, he added a new dimension to his game at the plate.
Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays
Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

Jose Siri spent his first full season with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2023. He was a spark plug at center field with crazy athleticism, great speed, and a new kind of tool at the plate when batting.

He finished second on the team in home runs with 25. He became one of Tampa Bay's biggest power bats and the home run total really broke his power out of the shell. Siri had 11 combined home runs in his first two seasons in 2021 and 2022.

He was also very good at defending in center field. This is a continuation of what he has done throughout his career on defense. In 2023, Siri had a fielding percentage of .991. His range factor of 2.29 alluded to his heavy involvement within the Rays' defense. 

Since former Tampa Bay center fielder Kevin Kiermaier left the team, Siri has become a very solid replacement in that same position, at least when it comes to defense.

However, trouble with plate discipline and hitting were still apparent in 2023 for Siri. His K rate and whiff rate were among the worst in the majors. He struck out in 38.5% of his at-bats in 2023. He also had a high chase rate that was in just the 7th percentile in the MLB. 

All of this is not ideal but seems like a good trade-off for the home run value Siri produces. It becomes a problem though because of Siri's walk rate. Out of his 338 at-bats, he was walked just 20 times with his rate being placed in the 12th percentile of the league. Siri also had an on-base percentage of under .300.

It was by no means a bad season for Siri. He looked fast and athletic in the field being one of the formidable defenders for the Rays. He also set a huge milestone with home runs showing the power he has. However, the discipline and ability to get on base in more ways than hitting still remain to be determined. It will be something to watch as Siri goes forward with his MLB career.

Jose Siri 2023 Player Grade: B-