Rays St. Patty's Day Gets Golden, New Green & Gold Design for Holiday Hat

Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

The Rays' St. Patrick's Day will have a little more gold at the end of the rainbow this year, as the league unveiled new green hats for the holiday, but with a gold trim, the first time MLB had added gold since the implementation of St. Patrick's Day swag. 

The hat for 2023 is identical in terms of design to the Rays' 2023 (and 2022) Spring Training/BP hat that they will wear this season; however, the gold adds flare.

Unlike last year, when the hats were green with white trimming, teams will be hoping for gold this year, with team trimming, in this case the Starburst logo, being recolored to gold trim. 

Over the years, the St. Patrick's Day gear has stayed rather the same, as it is usually just a recolored version of the spring hat, but this year's look brings a different change and a nice one at that.

The hats are running at around $45 for the 59Fifty Fitted style, while the price declines depending on the style.

Although the Rays will be wearing this hat for Spring Training, there is no indication as to whether they will wear an accompanying jersey with the hat, as some teams, such as the Phillies, Tigers, and Reds, wear special uniforms in honor of the holiday.

However, if the team does wear special uniforms, they will have to be donned with road britches as the team will be in Bradenton to take on the Pirates on St. Patrick's Day this spring.

While some fans may not be into the green paraphilia, it is a neat change during the spring to celebrate the holiday, and for some teams it is a nice look as well that fans can gravitate towards, such as the Phillies, who have worn green uniforms for regular season games in the past.

Having a green starburst uniform would actually be something that could be a beautiful sight, and maybe it's only a matter of time before it happens.

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