Reynolds to the Rays? Could This Trade Happen?

Could Bryan Reynolds be a piece that can be added to the outfield?
Could Bryan Reynolds be a piece that can be added to the outfield? / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

Bryan Reynolds is one of the hottest trade pieces on the market for clubs this late in the offseason, and his production and skills make him a wanted commodity.

With the Pirates also in the midst of a rebuild, the Pirates will be looking to acquire some prospects in the process, putting the Rays in the running for a deal for Reynolds this late in the off-season. 

What Does Reynolds Bring?

Reynolds brings the diversified skill set you want out of a player.

Reynolds' bat and his ability to hit for contact make him one of the better hitters in the game, something the Rays could use in their lineup.

Reynolds is also a good fielder, with a fielding percentage of well over.900 over the last two seasons in the big leagues. 

Aside from his skill set, Reynolds has a career line of .281/.361/.461 with 74 home runs and 97 doubles, falling three short of 100.

Reynolds is truly the full package, and with a relatively cheap contract for 2023, only making about $6.5 million a year with two years of arbitration after this upcoming season, he could be a player that the Rays make a move for.

Why Make The Move?

The Rays could use an outfielder to add to their roster, and the team needs another bat in the lineup.

Last season, the Rays were in the bottom half of the league in batting in categories such as batting average, OPS, and OBP, which explains why only one Rays hitter was able to win an award at the end of this past season.

Being able to bring in a player like Bryan Reynolds would help boost the lineup and give the Rays a bat that can move runners and be a solid RBI hitter.

Also, losing Kiermaier leaves a void in center field, and by bringing in Reynolds, it will allow the Rays to fill out that CF spot, closing the gap that is in the outfield.

Final Thoughts

Reynolds would be a great addition to the team if the Rays made the move.

The Rays have the prospect capital to make the move and will get someone who can make an immediate impact for the club starting on Opening Day

While you should expect this club to most likely at least make a free agent signing for a bat before the end of spring training, a Reynolds trade would be ideal and would be a smart decision.

Also, the Rays have a history of trading with the Pirates in recent years, a history that could be reignited once again if this is a deal that is made.