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Evan Longoria, 3, with Carl Crawford, 13, following the 2008 ALDS.
Evan Longoria, 3, with Carl Crawford, 13, following the 2008 ALDS. / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Relief Pitcher: No. 57, Jake McGee

Jake McGee
Jake McGee in his windup. / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

While defeating the Rays in a World Series should be enough to disqualify anybody from this list, it wouldn't be a Rays bullpen without Jake McGee. Despite only 26 saves, McGee is the Rays' most prolific reliever, appearing in the most games ever for a Rays pitcher. McGee was one of the few constants the team had over a long period at any point in team history.

Over the course of six seasons as the franchise's lefty specialist, McGee posted a 2.77 ERA in just under 260 innings of work. Due to the straight-on angle of their delivery, a southpaw can neutralize left-handed batters. Between that and McGee's pinpoint control, he offered an entirely different look out of the proverbial stable.

McGee's best season came at 25. In 2012, McGee posted a scintillating 1.95 ERA in 69 very nice appearances. His 198 ERA+ was just barely better than his 197 ERA+ in 2014, providing a pattern of excellence in a very particular and crucial role for the Rays. His time with the Rays came to an end ahead of the 2016 season, when he shipped off to Denver in the deal that brought future All-Star Corey Dickerson to the Rays.