Putting together the Rays All-Time 25th Anniversary squad

Evan Longoria, 3, with Carl Crawford, 13, following the 2008 ALDS.
Evan Longoria, 3, with Carl Crawford, 13, following the 2008 ALDS. / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Catcher: No. 30, Dioner Navarro

Dioner Navarro, Brian Runge
Dioner Navarro, 2010. / J. Meric/GettyImages

Finding a catcher for this activity was probably the most difficult position. That being said, Navarro was a much better player for the Rays at one point than folks probably remember. Navarro is one of three, specifically Wilson Ramos and Mike Zunino, to be selected to the MLB All-Star game as a Rays backstop. Navarro, who alongside Jason Varitek served as backup to starter Joe Mauer in the 2008 All-Star game, hit .295 that season for the Rays, in what is the highest single-season batting average for a catcher in franchise history.

In fact, the only other catcher in Rays history to hit at least .280 with at least 100 games behind the dish is Toby Hall in 2005, whose OPS+ was 17 points lower than Navarro's 2008 offering. In fact, Hall is the only other catcher to spend at least five seasons playing their home games at Tropicana Field. Though his other seasons were underwhelming (a 73 cumulative OPS+ in a Rays uniform) and his defense would often be hit or miss in regards to pitch framing, if you combine Navarro's best season with the amount of volume he spent in the uniform, he's most likely the best choice here.